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FREE 27 Hour Online Trading Video Course with World Renowned Trader Al Brooks

21st Jan. 2021

Al Brooks Advanced Course

Unit 1: Terminology 33min 41sec
Unit 2a: Chart basics & price action 29min 17sec
Unit 4: My setup 6min 57sec
Unit 6: Personality traits of successful traders 29min 30sec
Unit 07a: Starting out 34min 44sec
Unit 07b: Starting out 18min 46sec
Unit 8a: Candles, setups & Signal Bars 37min 55sec
Unit 8b: Candles, setups & Signal Bars 30min 52sec
Unit 8c: Candles, setups & Signal Bars 35min 08sec
Unit 8d: Candles, setups & Signal Bars 34min 07sec
Unit 9a Pullback & bar counting 49min 51sec
Unit 10a Buying & selling pressure 17min 42sec
Unit 11a: Gaps 32min 23sec
Unit 12b: Market Cycle 27min 50sec
Unit 12c: Market Cycle 19min 48sec
Unit 14a: Trends 27min 07sec
Unit 15a: Breakouts 30min 24sec
Unit 16a: Channels and how to draw lines 42min 30sec
Unit 17a: Tight channels and micro channels 17min 10sec
Unit 19a: Support and resistance 30min 34sec
Unit 20a: Measured moves 27min 53sec
Unit21a: Reverslas 32min 30sec
Unit 24a: Wedges 32min 09sec
Unit 33a: Protective stops 30min 47sec
Unit 36a: Trade management and taking profit 21min 28sec

Free Sample Units

Unit 12a: Market cycle 43min 28sec
Unit 20ab: Measured moves 15min 30sec
Unit 37ab: How to trade 14min 27sec
Unit 42a: Trading Climactic Reversals 13min 45sec
Unit 48a-f: Trading the open 47min 29sec

Bonus Videos

BV01: End of day traps 35min 00sec
BV02: Patterns on the open 40min 46sec
BV03: Trading the final hour 37min 35sec
BV04: Trading bear channels 34min 03sec
BV05: Trading tight trading ranges on the open 46min 24sec
BV06: 3 patterns every trader and investor should know 62min 47sec
BV07: Trading when market is in a bull channel 51min 13sec
BV08: Trading price action: 5 thought on psychology 58min 43sec