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Cryptocurrency Trading at

Trade the most popular cryptocurrencies today.

Safely. Securely. With tight fixed spreads.

CryptocurrencyMin. (Fixed) SpreadMargin From
Bitcoin60 points30%
Ether4 point30%
Ripple0.24 points30%

Why Spread Trade Cryptocurrency?

Avoid the Risks of Holding Digital Currency

You have two options if you want to trade Cryptocurrency: You can buy the digital currency or you can trade long or short using spread trades.

To buy cryptocurrency, you have to go through a complex process to set up a digital wallet, open an account with an exchange and then take ownership of the currency.  Once you have the crypto in your wallet, you may need to pay holding costs and worry about how to keep it safe.

With spread trading cryptocurrency you can avoid all these issues.  Plus, you have the added advantages of being able to trade long (hoping the price will rise) or short (hoping the price will fall), and trade with only 30% margin on the total value of your trade.  You can also access Bitcoin and 10 other major cryptocurrencies all from the one platform.

Trade Cryptocurrency with and you can place your trades quickly and easily, with low costs, great leverage and tight fixed spreads.