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Single Currency Trading at

Stop FX conversion fees. Trade on global markets all in your base currency.

Advantages of Single Currency Trading

All Trades in your Base Currency

You no longer need to convert your profit and losses from a foreign currency back to your base currency.

No More Conversion Fees

Stop paying conversion fees.  You no longer swap between currencies when trading different instruments.

Much Easier Money Management

Easily determine your risk and reward for every trade based on your base currency. No more calculating scenarios in various currencies.

Avoid Fees

Almost every broker will charge FX fees every time a trade is closed in a currency that is not your base currency. (These are called currency conversion charges.)

With a Single Currency Account, every instrument on the platform is traded in your chosen base currency.  Every trade you make is opened, managed and closed in your base currency.  So, no more currency conversion charges – saving you money.

You can have your trading account in the following currencies. It means that no matter what you trade, you will always trade in your account’s currency.

  • US Dollars
  • British Pounds
  • Euro
  • Australian Dollars
  • Danish Kroners
  • Swedish Kroners
  • Norwegian Kroners

This can add up to huge cost savings over time.  You also have transparent pricing all in the base currency to help keep your account management simple.

Single Currency Trading
in British Pounds

In the following example you live in the United Kingdom and your account base is in British Pounds.

Other Brokers Trading Account

Let’s say you want to trade the DE 40 index. With a typical trading account, you will have to nominate your stake size per point in Euros (because the DE 40 is traded in Euros).

Once you close your trade and have a profit or a loss, the proceeds get converted back to British Pounds.  You will pay FX conversion costs on each trade not in your base currency. Single Currency Account

With a Single Currency Account, every trade is in the base currency you choose, no matter what instrument you trade.

When you select British Pounds as your base currency, it means that your “stake” will be in British Pounds, even when you trade, say the DE 40 (normally in Euros), or the Wall St 30 index (normally in US Dollars), or Dollar Yen (normally in Yen per point).

Each time you place a trade on a Single Currency Account, your stake size, as well as your profit and loss, will always be calculated in your own base currency with no FX conversion fees.