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Forex Trading at

Trade Forex using our unique Single Currency Trading account. Your stake size is set to your own base currency in everything you trade. No commissions to pay. No conversion fees on profits or losses.

Forex PairMin. (Fixed) SpreadMargin From
EUR/USD0.3 points0.5%
EUR/GBP0.5 points0.5%
USD/JPY0.5 points0.5%
AUD/USD0.4 points0.5%
*In-hours fixed spread will vary from outside hours fixed spread.

Why Trade Forex with

Low Cost, Instant Executions

Trading Forex with allows you to trade the price movement of a currency pair without having to actually purchase any foreign currency. offers you exceptional value in trading Forex with very tight spreads on the major Forex pairs. You can also trade with 200:1 leverage on a range of Forex pairs, meaning you can trade a position with as little as 0.5% margin requirement. also gives you the advantage of fixed spreads.  You can trade knowing that the spread on your position will always be fixed for the trading session, and will not widen during peak trading times.

What are Forex Pairs?

All currencies are traded as a pair.  That is, the price of a currency is always traded in relation to the price of another currency.  That is why they are called a Forex Pair.

The major Forex pairs all contain the USD on one side of the pair.  They are the most commonly traded currency pairs in the world.  Examples include the EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CHF and USD/JPY.  The seven major Forex pairs make up approximately 80% of all FX trading across the globe.  Due to their high trading volumes and high liquidity, the spreads on major Forex pairs are generally the lowest.

You can also trade cross-currency pairs that do not contain the USD (for example EUR/GBP) and a range of exotic Forex pairs of smaller economies with

  • You can trade both rising and falling markets by going Long or Short.
  • You can access 200:1 leverage with, so you can trade a position with a small 0.5% margin.
  • You can access a wide range of currency pairs from the one platform, taking advantage of the markets that present the best trading opportunities.
  • Spread trades will always mirror the price movement of the underlying currency pair.
  • offers tight fixed spreads on all our Forex pairs.