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Copy Trading with TD365

A smarter and simpler way to trade.

Trade like an Expert

No Time to Trade?

Join a community of global traders where you can replicate their trading in real time.

Let the experts do the hard work for you!

3 Simple Steps to Get Started

Download the App

Download the TradeCopier App from Apple or Google Play

It’s Free!

Connect Your TD365 Account

Connect Your TD365 MT4 Account to TradeCopier

Choose Your Expert

Find traders whose strategies and past performance fit your criteria.

Trading Made Easy

No Time to Trade? Not enough Experience?

Trade like an expert by automatically copying leading traders.

Select the traders whose strategies and performance suit you.

Choose how you want to copy them. Set your own risk parameters and trade size.

Set how you allocate your funds to copying (in proportion to equity, balance or by lot size).

Then sit back and watch TradeCopier mirror their trades.

Other Benefits

You can even copy multiple traders with varied strategies.

Access a global community. Gain insights, ask questions and chat with other traders.

Stay in control. Opt in and out whenever you wish.

For details on how to setup for Copy trading, see our Setting up Page.

Setting up Copy Trading

Finding Your Expert

Helpful Tips for Choosing Who to Copy

Check the lists to see the top performers, or search for the Expert your want to follow.

For each trader, you can see their stats, performance, markets traded and current trades.

Easily see the winning trades and losing trades to assess their risk and return profile.

Don’t be fooled by a huge percentage return.  The % return is from the date the account was started.  It is not an indication of annual return or recent results.

Review their recent trades.  Check their recent performance, size of trades and size of the win or loss.

Review their drawdown, markets traded and size traded to find traders whose strategies fit your criteria.

For more details on how to set up, see our Setting up page.