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Stock Trading at

Trade global stocks with and start reducing your trading costs today. Our spreads on US stocks are as low as 2 cents on either side of the market price.

StockMin. (fixed) SpreadMargin 2c on market buy and sell price7.5%
Apple Computers Inc+ 2c on market buy and sell price7.5%
Facebook Inc+ 2c on market buy and sell price7.5%
Unilever (UK Market)0.1%7.5%

What is Stock Spread Trading?

Stock spread trading allows you to trade long (to benefit if the price goes up) or short (to benefit if the price goes down) on a wide range of stocks listed on global markets including UK, US, and Europe.  You also don’t need to buy the underlying stock.  With stock spread trading, you only need to provide a small margin (mostly 5% of the stock value) and you can speculate on the price either going up or going down.

How do you Spread Trade Stocks with

If you want to speculate that the price of a stock will rise, you can place a BUY trade order on the platform.  If you are correct and the price of that stock goes up, you should make a profit on that trade.  If the price of the stock went down, however, then you would make a loss.

Let us go through an example trading the US Stock Amazon:

  • has a current price of USD 3,078. You believe that the price of this stock will increase so you would place a BUY trade on Amazon at USD 3,078.
  • The margin on Amazon stocks is 5% which equals USD 154 (5% x USD 3,078)
  • So, you only need USD 154 in your account to meet the margin requirement to trade the Amazon stock.

Let us say the Price of Amazon went up and you closed your position at USD 3185.

  • Buy Price USD 3,078
  • Sell Price USD 3,185
  • Profit USD 107
  • Capital Required (Margin) USD 154
  • Return on capital 69%

You can also spread trade stocks if you think a stock price will fall in value.  You simply open a SELL trade to open your position.  If the value of the stock falls below your entry price, then you will make a profit (all else being equal).