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Trading from the Charts

New features July 2021

New Enhancements


Many of our traders enter and manage their positions based on their analysis of price charts.  The charts are used to determine your optimal entry point, stop loss price, and exit target.

Our charting package now provides some great functionality to allow you to see your trades directly on the charts.  You can see your buy point, your stop loss and exit target directly on the charts.  This way you can ensure your key price points are in line with the charts over your preferred time frame.

Even better still, you can alter your orders directly on the charts in response to the current price movements. 

As a quick summary, these are our new charting features which we’re sure you will find to be a great tool in your trading:


  • Open Positions and Open Orders are now visible on the chart
  • All positions and orders are listed to the left of the chart
  • You can see your orders being triggered and converted to positions
  • You can see your entry point, stops and limits (including trailing stops) directly on the charts
  • Stops and limits can be amended by simply clicking and dragging the visible line
  • You can close positions from within the chart window
  • You can toggle between different chart pricing types, so your chart will display mid-prices, buy prices, or sell prices, depending on your choice.

Improving your trade management


We are confident you’ll find these new features beneficial to your trade management.  You can readily see your limit orders on the chart to ensure you have selected the levels in line with your price analysis.  You can see instantly how the prices of stops and limits relate directly to what has been happening in the market in real time. You can even extend the chart timeframe to see your stops and exit targets relative to longer term price action.

To improve order management, we have made everything easier and quicker to update.  Your buy point, stop loss and limit orders are shown as lines on the chart. You can change your stop loss and limit orders with a simple click and drag to the exact point on the chart you want.  

Price Setting Flexibility

As an extra feature, you can also now choose your chart price settings to mid, buy or sell. So, if you have a stop or limit to buy, you can see if the higher ‘offer’ side of our quote has hit your order level. Similarly, if you have a stop or limit to sell, you can set the chart to track the lower ‘bid’ price.  And it’s simple to toggle between these three options.